Hey dudes and ladies, some real quick news for you on the subject of upcoming events:

Barring any interference from Hell or High Water, I’ll be bopping around the Webcomics Con 09 up in San Francisco this weekend, which is going on in conjunction with their Monsters of Webcomics exhibit. If you’re local and interested in saying hello, be sure to drop by.

Toward the end of next month I’ll be at Further Confusion, spending most of the weekend in the dealer’s room for the explicit purpose of getting that paper.

I’ve also signed up to give a demo at FC on how to use Manga Studio 4, which is the software I’ve been using for A Fine Day Out. The objective is to give a complete walkthrough of the process used to make a comic page from sketch to inked, projected up on a big ol’ screen. If you’ll be in attendance and you’re interested in participating, I recommend you bring a laptop and a tablet, and download the Manga Studio trial ahead of time so you can follow along.

Finally, I’d like to thank the very well-mannered and attractive fellows at the Panthera comic for bringing Christmas to the Dawn Chapel early this year with the kind words and the inbound traffic. Thank you for validating me!