Those of you who are tuning in from the RSS feed will have no doubt noticed entries showing up from Flickr in your reader along with updates from the blog and comic here. I’ve taken advantage of Feedburner’s magical powers to include the flickr account so that subscribers can get bonus artwork and sketches. I’ll try not to flood you with uploads (which is kind of a comical notion in and of itself, given my rate of output), but if it does become obnoxious, please speak up. The idea here is to have some kind of interesting content to make the week-long periods between new pages a little bit more tolerable.

One of my goals for the year is to sketch daily, so you’ll know if I’m being good or not if you see a new sketch in your reader every day. You have permission to yell at me if I’m not keeping up.

And if you’re not a subscriber and would like to get in on this caper, you should absolutely subscribe right now.