You know what’s awesome? Is when people keep posting excuses for not posting.

My plan was to blaze through the current story and have it finished in time for Further Confusion but it’s starting to look like that’s not going to be the case. This is just a really crazy time of year for me generally, mostly owing to con prep, but I also just recently changed jobs (last day at old job was last week on Friday, new job started yesterday), and there’s been other craziness going on too.

Good news is I’m a lot further ahead of myself as far as con prep goes than I normally am, with lots of stuff matted and framed and ready to hang in the dealer’s room and lots of stuff to sell at the table – keychains, prints, stickers, pendants, etc. I’ll be at table 105, alongside Higginsdragon for most of the weekend, and on Sunday at 1:00pm I’ll be giving a demo and q&a of Manga Studio 4, which I hope to be able to record and share here for those of you that aren’t going to be at the con.

So between now and then I’ve still got to bang out a plan and maybe do a rehearsal or two of my panel (though I’m not stressing out about it too much, I’ve been to enough of those panels to know that a presenter who shows up prepared is pretty much some kind of miracle worker), and finish assembling/printing/framing the goodies.

And if I can get two pages of comic done between now and then, well, that would just be pretty fantastic. If I can get three done, that would be amazing.