I’ve been doing a bit of tweaking and fine-tuning of this site, some of them you can see, some of them you can’t yet, but here’s what’s new:

  • I added a graphical link to the store over there on the left. I made mention of merchandise earlier, but I didn’t add the site navigation until now because there really wasn’t much there. Now that FC has come and gone, I’m taking the time to photograph the leftover inventory and get it up there for you cats.
  • Also, if you’re a subscriber, expect to get notifications of new products as they become available in the feed. Because I can do that.
  • I added a social networking widget which should show up at the bottom of new entries, for the purpose of digging, buzzing, retweeting, or whatever other new and exciting indignities you might want to visit on this comic through new and exciting space-age social networking technology.
  • While we’re on the subject of social networking, it is now possible to become a fan of The Dawn Chapel on The Facebook, the way the kids do. Or rather, the way your mom does. I’m still kicking the tires on facebook integration, and the Facebook page is at the moment embarassingly bare, but where you might see a glass completely empty, I see a ground-floor opportunity to mix metaphors. In the empty glass. You know, like a martini.

February was a pretty good month for The Dawn Chapel. We got a lot of love from blogs and other comics, and every time someone retweets a link to the comic, it just sends me over the moon. In particular, I am sending cosmic waves of gratitude toward Big Big Truck for linking us up in her livejournal; Nikki Jeske gave us a plug for #webcomicwednesday (which is a twitter-hostile hashtag if I ever saw one) and linked us up on her webcomic, the Family Menagerie, as well; and livejournal’s Quiet Dignitea also had some very nice things to say about us.

For March, I have two shorter pieces planned, each of them four pages in length, as well as a one-off. If you’re good at math, yes, that means I’m planning nine pages this month, which will mean keeping an update schedule of not one, but two pages a week. Is this madness? Have I gone mad? The answer is: yes. Mad like a March hare.

(If you’re bad at math, it still means I’m planning nine pages this month. I don’t discriminate.)

Thirty pages is in my mind kind of a magical number, I read somewhere once that that’s the minimum number of pages you should have in your archive before you submit a comic for review, as you need at least thirty pages to really get a solid idea of what a comic is like.

It’s possible that the number is totally arbitrary and there’s no merit to that argument at all, but there it is, and we’re going to sprint to that milestone.

Or, hang on, we’re going to March to it, if you prefer. (and I will gladly accept high-fives for that joke via paypal.)