I’ve been doing livestreams of my comic progress in a chat room called Let’s Draw Stuff, the password is ‘omgcomics’, where a myself and a bunch of other webcomickers take advantage of Tinychat’s multiple video streaming feature to basically push our desks together in a virtual space and hang out and draw.

The other folks that are in there pretty regularly right now are the creators of The End, Jimmy and the Hammer, Sweet and Sour Grapes, Shyeah!, Inscribing Ardi, and Ashley and Aviva are there too but they don’t have webcomics I don’t think. It’s kind of an outgrowth of the Webcomics Study Group, which meets via tinychat a few times a week for a structured critique session, and the Webcomics Study Group is itself an outgrowth of Webcomics.com. You don’t have to make a webcomic to come draw with us (although if you do make a webcomic, we’d love to have you come draw with us). You don’t even have to draw with us to hang out in the chatroom. We don’t care.

Whenever I’m about to do these streams, I’ve been announcing them via twitter, but I’ll make blog posts and deviantart posts in the future. Unless I forget. Or am too lazy.

I’m working on sorting out an arrangement to offer and distribute prints efficiently. It’s taking me a little longer than I’d like (everything I do takes me longer to do than I’d like), but stay tuned for news on super fancy prints of stuff. Probably one or two more tee shirts, too. Some more passive revenue action would be awesome.