So, time for a new story! I actually made this one up myself this time, how about that! I’m kind of fooling around with a limited-palette experiment with this story, I hope that you will allow me this indulgence.

Some cool stuff happening in Dawn Chapel news lately; we’ve been getting so much airplay that it may be necessary to just go ahead and post a blog roundup. The comic’s been crossposted to Makeuseof, How-To Geek, 9gag (twice!), Onipepper, and GoNintendo; and it’s been featured by KQED, Fuel Your Illustration, and by our good friends at Storenvy. I am over the moon, to be sure.

Also cool: a while ago, the Firefox comic got scanlated, which I think is an important milestone in our still-brief history. I was so thrilled by this that I decided immediately that if there was a t-shirt to be made, it needed to have the English dialogue replaced by Dekubar’s Japanese translation, so I copied the kanji as faithfully as I could and made a t-shirt available for sale on Redbubble.

The Redbubble preview is kind of gross-looking, though, and I figured that it might not be representative of what the finished product actually looks like, so I went ahead and ordered one so that I could photograph it for your benefit. And it came in! So here you are:

It is pretty classy! And it’s printed on super-soft ringspun American Apparel, so it is pretty dang comfortable. I can’t think of a single social situation where this shirt would not be appropriate to wear. And, again, if you would like to get yourself one, you can order it here!