That is a gross infection. I kind of goofed on the blocking in the last two panels, dude has his coat on in one panel and then it’s magically off in the next, when he was supposed to have it off in both of them. Oops!

A few weeks back at the Further Confusion barbecue some people expressed interest in the Bad Fursuiters tee I and another person were wearing; I had them made a few years back for dealers’ room sales and they didn’t really do very well at the table. I was surprised to see that I wasn’t the only person wearing one at the event, actually!

But I got out the last two I have and put them up in the store. If there’s much interest in them I might have another run made up.

I have also been plugging away at commissions the last few weeks and have been working diligently on stuff for the MFF artshow. Above are a few examples!