Story ends next week!

I don’t have too much in the way of newsworthy stuff to talk about. The venerated webcomics news blog Fleen dropped a link this way after I fired off an email about the webcomics market on Storenvy, which was awfully nice of him. And it’s cool to see more comics taking advantage of the Storenvy community. (It is also cool to see so much Dawn Chapel stuff on the best-sellers list, though that’ll probably change as higher-profile webcomics start to show up. Even so, thanks guys! If you’ve boughten stuff from me and you like it, I’d be grateful if you take a moment to “like” it, as well!)

Another thing I’ve been digging hugely since being introduced to it is the podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me. I listen to it a lot while I am drawing. I wish it was longer than 45 minutes so that I could listen to more of it.

But that is pretty much all I have got to report. Why don’t you tell me how you doin’?