All better! If you really really liked this story, I went ahead and put the original artwork for all six pages up for sale in the store.

There may not be a comic this upcoming week owing to preparations for the Midwest Furfest, though I will do my best to complete it early because I kind of want to have this next comic ready to enter the original in the MFF art show. (I will be entering The Derp Cycle’s original in the art show as well, so you’ve got a week to grab it before I take it out of the store to take it to Chicago.) Storenvy recently added the guest checkout option, so you no longer have to register as a Storenvy user before you can buy things from their stores anymore. Which is pretty cool!

Anyway. I’ve never been to Chicago before! I hear they have good pizza there? I don’t know, I never had a problem with California’s pizza, to be honest. Is there anything else I should look for while I’m there to get the full Chicago experience? Protips appreciated!