This is not actually what I meant to have up as the comic this week but we don’t always get what we want. Many of you have actually already seen this; since it was a bit of commissioned artwork that I didn’t originally intend to use for here. But! I didn’t want to go another week with a missed update.

So! Happy holidays no matter what you celebrate. I don’t know if you’re the giving type, but if you wanted to do something nice for The Dawn Chapel this holiday season, I’m easy to please: you might take a moment to share the comic with your friends on your blog, online journal, or twitter account, give it a positive review on the Belfry Webcomics Index, or take a moment to beef up the wiki entries on TVtropes or Wikifur. (And if you are feeling particularly generous, and want to contribute more directly to this comic’s continued improvement, you might select something from my Jetpens or Dick Blick wishlists, because golly do art supplies get expensive.)

However, more than anything else, I’d like for you to keep reading. Stay warm and be safe!