Guys I know that if skipping two weeks is going to become a staple of the convention experience, there’s not going to be much reason to hope to see me at one, so I’ma do my best to get the comic done sometime on Sunday; but right now I am sick, and I don’t want to do anything, on account of I have come down with what our people colloquially refer to as the con crud.

On the upside this is probably the last convention anyone can expect to see me at until around May – I’m planning on sending some art off to FWA for the art show but won’t be in attendance myself. I mean unless someone wants to pay my way. Should I take up donations for a FWA trip? I dunno. Probably not. I hear it gets humid in Georgia, anyway. So next on the convention calendar is Fanime, also here in downtown San Jose, with Califur and (possibly?) Anthrocon shortly after that.

Further Confusion was pretty danged fantastic. I’ve never done as well, monetarily speaking, at a convention as I did last weekend. I have a fair amount of homework to do after the con as far as badges and sketchbooks and stuff to finish, and prints were selling like gangbusters. Once things have settled down next week, expect me to restock laser tags and put some new prints and originals up in the store.

Otherwise, check back Sunday night or Monday morning if I haven’t surrendered myself to the consumption by then.