So okay, cool! We are on time! I have actually been super productive this week, banging out pages in a frenzy to try to get a bit of a buffer going so that I’m not as obnoxiously late in the future, so expect to see the comic in a timely fashion next week. Actually – and don’t tell anyone I told you this - I heard that if you come back earlier in the week next week, there might be more stuff to see. The rumors, oh how they fly!

If you just showed up for this party because you found out about it post-FC, or if you missed them the first and second time, I’ve restocked my laser-etched tags. Otters, Sleeping Foxes, and Raccoons are all available in their base colors as well as black; and Panther and Skunk tags are now available in black as well. I don’t have any photos of the black tags yet, but I will tell you that they look slick!

I’m also planning on doing more designs at some point this weekend. If you have a creature you’re itching to see etched, by all means drop me a line.