This is an important question and I apologize for any undue stress or lost sleep having to consider it might cause you. Jackie Earl Haley‘s probably best known to you as the actor who portrayed Rorschach in the recent Watchmen film adaptation, and is Freddy Kreuger in the latest installation of Nightmare on Elm Street. Brad Dourif was Grima Wormtongue in the Lord of the Rings movies, that emotionless Betazed serial killer in Star Trek: Voyager, and pretty much every other creepy creeper film role you can think of.

I will not tell you who creeps me out more, but if you tell me who creeps you out more I’ll give a free laser-etched acrylic keyring to two randomly selected participants on whichever actor has the most votes, and one to a randomly selected participant on whichever actor has the least.

Edit: The poll has ended, I am afraid!