Whoa what is this, a new page so early in the week? Weird!

I think I’ve pretty much given up on brown line art. I have three different pens I like that will do waterproof black, with the kind of brushwork that I enjoy, whereas finding something comparable in waterproof sepia is very nearly impossible. Oh well. Plenty of fine comics have black line art!

I am considering getting a table in the artists alley at Wondercon, which is three months out, but it would cost me about $200 to go (for table expenses and gas+parking+food). I know that asking for donations is standard operating procedure for many webcomics but I still feel kind of skeevy about doing it myself. If I did go, wondercon would be the first convention that The Dawn Chapel’s had a presence at that isn’t a furry con, which would certainly be a thing. There is also the possibility that Wondercon’s sold out of space in the artist alley, since it’s only a few months out. I won’t put a donation link up until I’ve confirmed that there’s still room. Stay tuned!