That concludes this story! Now is a fine time to have your friends start from the beginning, if you think they can handle it. These stories sure do seem to go by quicker when I’m posting two pages a week. Let’s see how long I can keep this up!

Recently I’ve gotten into the habit of walking down to the King Library here in San Jose every other week or so to pillage their children’s picture book section to step up my diet of wonderful stories and artwork. I never really seem to know what to say in this blog and always wind up feeling like I am neglecting it, so maybe next week I’ll talk about some of the stuff I’ve been reading and digging.

Also, I took some time yesterday to get more merch into the store. Drowning Fox tags have been added (I for whatever reason forgot to do that earlier), and there are also a pile of new prints available, of unsold stock that I had made for Further Confusion. Enjoy!