It’s Valentines day and I can think of no better way to express my love for you than to call your attention to the collection of cards that the My Brother, My Brother, and Me podcast has put together, and to call your attention to my own contribution to it.

I will warn you, lest you be scandalized, that it dips into blue language that I generally avoid using here. Also, geese engaging in carnal acts. I apologize in advance.

But the love doesn’t stop there! At the end of the day today I will be selecting the winners of the Dourif-Haley drawing, which you still have time to enter.

As I said before, three people will be selected to win these very slick acrylic keyrings, etched with a tiger design. And! If you didn’t want to take your chances, you are now able to purchase it immediately from the store, along with two other acrylic keyrings.

The winners of the drawing will be announced tomorrow, when I post the comic. I’m going to cut off entries at about 11pm pacific.