I’ve been working on both of this week’s pages at the same time, so it’s now finished and I’ve got the rest of the week to bang out your postcards. There is not too much to report otherwise!

If you’re a person who does things that necessitate the use of icons, like, say, twitter, or gravitar, or livejournal, etcetera, you may be interested in knowing that my buddy Tod (you know, Tod) is in the middle of one of his celebrated Icon Days. The short explanation is: you give him a description, and he draws you a cute watercolor icon, or two if you give him a donation. The dude is a workhorse and if you are jonesing for a new face to represent yourself on the internet with, this is the sound of opportunity knocking.

Also on the subject of donations? Halfway to my donation goal. My heart is brim full, and my wallet is half full. Big ups, guys.