It’s amazing the kind of thrust you can get just on compressed air.

I hope that you guys liked the guest comics. I’m feeling better now. We are going to spend a few pages seeing where this bunny goes. This bunny has places in space to be.

If you’ve visited recently, you might have noticed from the images in the sidebar that I have a tumblr, which I mostly intend to use for posting my watercolorings, which of course are liable to mostly be silly drawings of the animal-headed people. I’m going to try to post stuff daily, some old, some new. You can follow me there, if you are a tumblr user, and if not, visiting this site regularly and checking the sidebar will work, too, since there’s a wordpress widget for everything.

Some of these paintings might hit ebay before too long, too, if there’s any interest in that. Or maybe I’ll just put them up in the store. I’ve been kind of sluggish about getting the store updated and need to make a bunch of the recent comics available. We’ll see!