A few points:

I was, uh, actually kind of surprised at people geeking out about the inclusion of the telstar satellite in this comic. I didn’t realize it had quite that much cultural cachet!

Also, the donation drive? You guys are superheroes, oh my gosh. I was not expecting a response of this magnitude so quickly. A lot – and I mean like, a lot – of the donations are in the $2-$10 range, so don’t feel bad if you haven’t got much you are able to contribute, because they stack up in volume. I’m more than a third of the way out of this hole and it’s only been a few days. I’ll be spending a lot of time next week plowing through a pile of postcards and getting them in the mail as swiftly as I am able.

If you missed the news the first time around, here’s the short, short version: I need to raise $2500 to pay off an outstanding medical bill. In exchange for donations of $2 or more, I am creating 4×6″ postcards. You can get more than one postcard if each successive donation is at least twice the size of the previous one. The donation link is in the sidebar, and every little bit helps.