Satellites are the worst to hang out with because they are such embittered, backstabby things. True story.

Dudes and ladies, I have a problem. Ordinarily I don’t believe in talking too much about my personal life in the newsposts but in this case I think it’s necessary:

A few years ago, I needed medical attention while uninsured. In America, as many of you know, that’s expensive. I’ve since been making payments on it, up until a few months ago, when a change in my employment situation made it difficult to make those payments – you may have noticed a peculiar increase in the weekly output of this comic, I will leave the math up to you – and I had hoped that Future Me would be able to do something about those payments.

That’s always a stupid financial decision, I know. Future Me turned out to be broke.

So I’m sure you can see where this is going: I got a letter from a collections agency, and they want their money right now. I owe $2500 (which is less than half of what I originally owed, but still, oof) and I have no way of producing that amount of money in the space of time that they want it.

Now, understand that I hate taking donations. I know that it’s a standard practice for ‘free’ entertainers on the internet to solicit financial contribution for their efforts, but I am a very proud person and just straight up asking for help I still have a very hard time with. There’s a reason I’m always talking up my store in the news posts, and it’s because I feel way less guilty about working my hustle to sell you things than I do about straight up just asking for money. You guys have been very generous to me in the past, and it’s had a direct impact on the strip – I started doing the watercolor comics as soon as I was able to purchase the giant printer/scanner with your help. And I absolutely don’t want to abuse that generosity. But at the moment, I’m short on options.

I’d like to do something for you if you donate, though, if you’ll let me: donate any amount equal to $2.00 or more (and you don’t mind receiving things in the mail), I will send you an original watercolor postcard. That is to say, I am going to take a 4×6″ piece of watercolor paper, put a watercolor drawing on one side, a thank you note, your address, and a stamp on the other, and drop it in the mail. I’m a big fan of mail art and I’ve always wanted to try it, and now’s as good a time as any. The artwork will get a little bit scuffed and printed on in the mail – that’s part of the appeal. What I put on your postcard is a surprise, though I will promise that they’ll all be different, and if you have a request for content, there’s a possibility I’ll honor it if I can do it quickly.

If you want a postcard, please be sure to include a mailing address with your donation.

(If you want to cheat the system and do multiple donations to get multiple postcards out of me, I’ll allow that, with one caveat: each successive donation must be no less than twice the size of the previous one.)

I’m putting this donation button in the sidebar and will be updating the progress bar as I get closer to the goal. If you would rather purchase something than donate, I will also include store revenue (less shipping expenses) in the progress bar.

Comicrank tells me there are something in the neighborhood of 1600 people reading The Dawn Chapel – if all of you had $2 to pitch in, I’d be there. If less than half of you had $5 you could throw my way, I’d be there. I have faith in you guys. Also, if I wound up being honor-bound to paint 500 postcards because of this, that would be kind of awesome. I am totes down for a marathon watercolor bender.

I don’t expect to be able to clear this bill immediately, so as soon as Telstar wraps up I am going to dial the comic back to once-weekly so that I can budget more of my time on commissioned artwork to knock this bill out. The sooner I get this monkey off my back, the sooner I can spend more time with you.

Thank you, again, for your support.