I see the dwindling hits this comic is getting daily and I want to let you know before you all go away for good that I’m still working on the new story, which is called The Way Back and is going to be about a little opossum who is trying to take a nap. There’s going to be about 120+ pages of it, you had better believe that I can write that much about naps. I’ve studied naps extensively. I have hands-on experience.

However, I don’t know exactly when it will be written to the point where I’m ready to plow ahead with updates. Right now the biggest barrier to progress there is (as ever) financial: where I thought that my convention schedule would go a long way toward getting the rent paid, they wound up just sort of being speedbumps in the calendar (with the exception of Fanime which was wonderful, and I think some of you who are here now found me there; though all the money made at that con was lost on Califur expenses). Artwork is my only source of income, and I’ve been cranking through commissions to make sure rent gets paid.

So I haven’t been posting much because I’m honestly kind of ashamed and embarassed by how little I have to show for the last six weeks, and my inclination is to hide until I have something awesome to post. You guys might send me angry emails wondering where your comics and postcards are at*, but my landlady will send us eviction notices** and sallie mae will send me to collections, so the more terrifying potential consequences are being dealt with first.

*Though you haven’t (yet), and god bless you.

**She won’t, actually. Our landlady is very patient and is a sweetheart and we’re lucky to have her.