So, I’d make excuses but there really aren’t any this time! Well, there are a few, but excuses are tacky. And you know how much I hate to be tacky.

There’s been a lot going on. I went to two more cons since last we spoke, as I was a special guest at Rainfurrest in September, and then I was able to attend Midwest Furfest again this year thanks to the generosity of a friend. If you saw me in Seattle, you found me sharing a table with Ekwara‘s Tod Wills, and if you saw me in Chicago, then I was tabling with Rick Griffin of Housepets!. These dudes? These are the best dudes. This has been a good autumn for bro-ing out with my webcomics homeboys.

I have one more convention coming up and then I should be out of everyone’s hair until the summer, and that con is Further Confusion, which takes place right here in San Jose. I am once again on staff, heading up the Art Track events, because I didn’t learn my lesson hard enough last year. Worse, I’ve taken it upon myself to organize a public art exhibition, which I’ve got an open call out for submissions. So if you know anybody? And they can draw and paint stuff? Send them my way.

And, one more bit of good news! There’s another page on the way. It’s already finished, you guys. It’s scheduled automatically to go live on Thursday. This is nuts, I know.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to maintain this manic pace week after week, but against my spouse’s advice I’m going to start putting the originals for this story for sale in the store right away, since this story is supposed to be in the neighborhood of 140+ pages long. My SO is concerned that when it comes time to publish this story in book form, not having the originals on hand might be problematic, given how unkind my scanner is to colors. And this is a valid concern! But, one of my studiomates has a much, much nicer scanner than I do, and has been kind enough to scan the comic for me so that I have print-worthy files.

And, anyway, a more pressing concern for me is getting bills paid, and if I can sell two pages a week? That’ll make it a whole dang lot easier to post two pages a week.