Time to meet the crew! Hower, your enthusiasm is so irritating. Calm down.

FC’s done and my convention plate is clear until May, which means that I should be better about posting for the next few months, but with the comic being updated apparently once every other month now, you folks probably know better than to believe a single word I say about regular updates. But this page, like the previous set, was batched with the next one, which I’ll post next Thursday. I really wanna go biweekly but for the moment I think I am going to do two pages a week and post only one a week until I get a bit of a buffer established.

I plan on livestreaming on Monday from 7:30am to 4:00pm, with an hour break from 12:00-1:00pm to work on the next few pages. If I am not streaming at that time, by all means, yell at me. But I figure now that I’ve committed to it publicly I’ll feel a more pressing obligation to show up.

Also, I’m taking a bunch of conbadge commissions this week. If you are a furry you know what a conbadge is, but if you are not, it’s a 3×4″ ID tag with your name and a bit of art on it. In the furry world, usually this is a way to identify yourself as a character of your own invention, but there’s nothing saying I can’t draw basically whatever you want (or whatever I want) on a slip of paper this size and stick it in a badge sleeve. They’re $40 each and that includes the cost of shipping within the continental US. If you want yours before FWA, I’ll need to hear from you by the 15th, and I will absolutely draw it on theme for you (Moulin Rouge, or so I am told)! Drop me a line if you want one.

Anyway. See you cats next week probably!