So trying to relaunch the comic a fortnight prior to that furry con might have been a little bit ambitious, coming to think about it. When the con swings around, pretty much everything else I am working on comes grinding to a halt in the name of con prep.

Con prep for me is pretty light this year, since I am neither on staff nor am I dealing as I have in years past, nor even do I have anything in the art show, but I am doing conbadges. Here are a few from this year’s batch:

If you will be at the con, you have until the end of tomorrow (Thursday, the 15th) to preorder one if you’d like one. They’re $50 this year, and you can use the contact form to send up your solicitation.

Unrelated to the con, I’ve recently been introduced to a neat webcomic tracking service called Comic Rocket, and it’s supplanted my RSS reader as my primary method of staying up-to-date on comics. (And this of course is notable with the passing of google reader.)

Comic Rocket is especially useful for reading through longform comics with deep archives, and its discoverability and recommendation features are excellent, as well. I did a much longer write-up of the service on tumblr, but it’s probably better to just visit the site and fool with it a bit yourself to see how useful it is to you.

If you do wind up becoming a user of comic-rocket, you can add The Dawn Chapel to your list of comics you’re following, and if you have any interest in seeing what I’m reading (or intend to start reading, as is the case of about a quarter of my list right now), you can view my profile here.