I mentioned last month that there were some pretty neat things that had happened in the intervening year and half while I was away, wanted to talk about some of them now! The first is back in September of last year, I got a very kind email from a composer named Aaron Hourie, who, after reading They Sit So Still, recorded this piece of music and sent it to me. The idea that anything I made would inspire anything as pretty as this is a concept that I’m still struggling to deal with. If you want to get absolutely emotionally wrecked, maybe try listening to it and reading the comic at the same time:

And, completely unrelated, before I ever got started working on the comic, I would periodically compete in Shirt.Woot’s weekly tee-shirt design contest. I never wound up winning, though I came close a few times, and eventually I realized I was doing an awful lot of work that I was never actually getting paid for, so I quit participating. And then about a year ago I realized that with the advent of crowdfunding, I could actually probably get some of the more popular designs printed on my own, and so in the summer of 2012 I launched a kickstarter and wound up having a whole pile of t-shirts made.

This was originally done with the intention of having some more varied merch to offer in the store, but I wasn’t really fully prepared for the complications that shipping a large number of orders would introduce, especially when international shipping was involved. So I sort of sat on them for a while, until I was able to get the bulk of the orders taken care of, and only just now have I gone through and inventoried what I can actually sell.

The executive summary here is I’ve fixed and reopened the store, and there’s now t-shirts available, though there aren’t too too many remaining – between 1-4 per design per size. Ideally, as the Patreon train picks up steam and I get enough of these sold, though, I’ll be able to order a second run.

I also want to add more metal tag designs, but of course my first priority here is getting the comic itself buffered and up to full functionality! I feel very optimistic about everything right now, so of course the temptation to over-promise is very strong.