Rasselbock apparently knows so little about the business of being an airshipman it’s probably no surprise to anyone he’s the lowest-ranking member of the Blanco’s regular crew.

One of the rewards I’ve got open to Patreon backers is commenting privileges, and I’d like to extend that to everyone who’s financially supported the comic in the past, whether it’s through direct donation or through purchasing stuff in the store. But I’m creating the user accounts manually (otherwise I’ll just get hella spam accounts trying to register), so if you’ve done either of these things and you want to join the discussion, drop me a line with your preferred login username and registration email address, and I’ll get you set up straightaway.

It seems like Patreon’s been blowing up on my twitter feed in the last few months. My friends at the Tiny Cartridge blog and podcast have recently set themselves up with one, which is doing very well. A number of comics creators that I read and enjoy have also got theirs in place, too, like String Theory, Skin Deep, and SfĂ© Monster’s collected projects. One of the nice things about backing multiple projects on Patreon is that the donations are lumped into a single payment, keeping the transaction fees to a minimum.

My own patreon is, at the time of this blog post, up to $116 per page, which is $9/page shy of the weekly update promise. There’s enough backers now that I can still comfortably plan on updating weekly, without having to stress if I do let a week slip. It’s nice! You’re all wonderful people for making this happen for me, whether you’re a patron, a customer, someone who’s shared this comic with others, upvoted it on reddit or stumbleupon, or just enjoy casually reading. I’m aware that in reading and supporting this comic, you’ve come to expect a certain degree of finish in the storytelling and presentation, and I will do my best to meet or exceed those expectations.

Anyway. Till next week.