So some of you might have noticed a change in the color quality when I started posting new pages this year, or you might not have, this might be something that only I can see because it bothers me so much. In the space of time that I wasn’t posting comic, we moved, which means I can no longer pester John and make use of his nice scanner. You remember the post I made about the quality of my cheapie document scanner vs. his nice fine-art scanner?

So for the last several pages, the color fidelity of these pages is nowhere close to what the actual watercolors looks like. The next funding goal in my Patreon is only $25/page away, and that level will allow me to purchase the fine-art scanner that I was borrowing time on before. (they tend to run between $350-500 used, the newest in the expression XL line is like, $2500, which: no thanks). Once I have one, I can go back and scan all of the previous pages and update them with the improved colors. This also includes a lot of my older work for which I still have the originals, including the Firefox and Buble strips.

If you think you can help me meet this goal, consider having a look at my patreon and becoming a supporter. (And, huge thanks to everyone who’s pledged already – I can afford to spend a week or two out of every month working on the comic now, and it’s very liberating.)