For the last several months I’ve been working on a children’s book, following the urging of friends and family who’ve seen my other work and have wondered what is wrong with me that I’m not doing children’s books. I never really bothered to try sending my art anywhere, because I know how prohibitively difficult it is to break into that industry, but it turns out that Amazon will let pretty much anyone upload stuff to the Kindle store, so I gave myself an assignment to learn the process of making a children’s book by making a children’s book.

It’s 30 pages (that is to say, 30 individual illustrations), and while it is meant for children, I think that if you enjoyed some of my short stories here, especially stuff like How The Raccoon Got His Coat, or The Soldier and the Tsar, you’ll find that The Tiger who Roared her Stripes Off fits right in alongside those.

(I’m also curious to know how it renders out on various devices after going through Amazon’s internal file conversion processing mechanisms – I can preview it on my own devices prior to file upload, but still. If you decide to get this book and have comments on it, please do drop me a line.)