Hey, I wanted to thank everyone who’s taken the time to vote for The Dawn Chapel on Topwebcomics recently. It doesn’t take very many votes to push a title up the charts there, and it’s resulted in a wave of new visitors who on average read around 20 pages when they click through.

I spend a lot of time (like, a lot of time) paying attention to the traffic analytics for the comic, and to visitor behavior. For a while I didn’t really give sites like TWC a whole lot of priority because it seemed like it was easier to get the comic in front of people by using social media like tumblr and twitter. To some extent, that’s true – some of the single-page gags I did prior to starting The Way Back still result in clickthroughs even today, but generally visitors I get from viral content don’t really stick around to read.

And so that’s why sites like TWC, Belfrycomics, Comic-Rocket, etc, remain of interest to me: people who are actively interested in discovering new comics to read pay attention to them, even if the volume of visitors from those sites is comparatively smaller than from places like stumbleupon or reddit. Social media and viral traffic might have a higher yield of overall visitors, but the percentages of them becoming readers are much, much smaller.

Ultimately my goal is to try to get the comic in front of people who’d be interested in it, and you’ve all done me a huge favor with your votes. So: thanks!