I just uploaded a vote incentive to Topwebcomics, for those of you that want to support the comic and dig a little deeper into the world of the Empyrean. There’s a brief essay about the apergion drive – what it is, what it does, and a little bit about the Naacal, the lost civilization that developed the technology that allows airships and other vessels to travel through the sky.

Along with it is a wallpaper image commissioned by one of The Dawn Chapel’s Patreon backers, who generously allowed me to use the image as a vote incentive and Patreon reward.

You can read the essay and get the download link for a screen-resolution of the wallpaper image by voting for The Dawn Chapel, and if you’re not already one of our generous and attractive patrons, you can gain download the full-size, working resolution version of the wallpaper image by becoming a Patreon backer of the comic today!