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Where I’ve been!

It’s been a minute, huh? I didn’t mean to let the comic lie still for this long, but then again I never mean to let it lie still for longer than a week. Sometimes life gets in the way! I kinda got buried under commissions last year and they have a way of running out in front of me – the bills stack up faster than I can finish the work I owe, and then one thing leads to another and I’m permanently months behind.

My wife and I had kind of a financial disaster last March, when we found out that she wouldn’t have a classroom to come back to at the end of the 2016/2017 school year, and so we decided that it was time to leave Weaverville to move somewhere that I could also be employed. Weaverville kind of only worked for us as long as my wife could be the primary earner, but when there’s hiccups in her job situation I’d prefer to be part of our financial safety net, even if that means I’m not doing art full-time.

So last summer we moved to Seattle. It’s been an ongoing process – we took what remained of our savings and rented a room from some friends who already lived here, both of us were able to find employment, and last month we moved out into our own place. There’s just been a lot of other stuff that’s had to take priority over working on the comic, I’m afraid.

There’s some positives: since I started the new job, I’ve spent most of my free time cranking on commissions, and because I haven’t really had to take any new ones, I finished up all the outstanding illustrations I owe. (I still have some 3d work to finish up and will continue to work on those!) And I’m not stressing about money anymore, with the two of us working we can actually pay all our bills without having to take on more work, and still have money to set aside for other things.

We’re not quite done moving yet. We knew we’d be spending the first few months here in a single bedroom so most of what we packed was clothes and computers. Most of our things are still in a storage unit in California, and that includes a lot of the things I use to make the comic: my watercolors, printer, and scanner.

If you want to help us finish our move so that I can get back to work, we have a fundraiser going that you are welcome to contribute to. We’re pooling it with our own savings – once we reach $2500, we’ll make the final trip down and then back up again and finally settle in. I expect it will still take another month or two before we’re finally there.

In the meantime, I’ll be using that time to do some long-overdue housekeeping on the comic: overhauling the Patreon page, compositing and uploading the new scans of old pages, and writing and penciling the rest of the story so I’ll have a running start.

Thank you for your patience! I can’t wait to jump back in with you.

Blog News and Updates

The Tiger Who Roared Her Stripes Off

For the last several months I’ve been working on a children’s book, following the urging of friends and family who’ve seen my other work and have wondered what is wrong with me that I’m not doing children’s books. I never really bothered to try sending my art anywhere, because I know how prohibitively difficult it is to break into that industry, but it turns out that Amazon will let pretty much anyone upload stuff to the Kindle store, so I gave myself an assignment to learn the process of making a children’s book by making a children’s book.

It’s 30 pages (that is to say, 30 individual illustrations), and while it is meant for children, I think that if you enjoyed some of my short stories here, especially stuff like How The Raccoon Got His Coat, or The Soldier and the Tsar, you’ll find that The Tiger who Roared her Stripes Off fits right in alongside those.

(I’m also curious to know how it renders out on various devices after going through Amazon’s internal file conversion processing mechanisms – I can preview it on my own devices prior to file upload, but still. If you decide to get this book and have comments on it, please do drop me a line.)

Blog News and Updates

Music and merch

I mentioned last month that there were some pretty neat things that had happened in the intervening year and half while I was away, wanted to talk about some of them now! The first is back in September of last year, I got a very kind email from a composer named Aaron Hourie, who, after reading They Sit So Still, recorded this piece of music and sent it to me. The idea that anything I made would inspire anything as pretty as this is a concept that I’m still struggling to deal with. If you want to get absolutely emotionally wrecked, maybe try listening to it and reading the comic at the same time:

And, completely unrelated, before I ever got started working on the comic, I would periodically compete in Shirt.Woot’s weekly tee-shirt design contest. I never wound up winning, though I came close a few times, and eventually I realized I was doing an awful lot of work that I was never actually getting paid for, so I quit participating. And then about a year ago I realized that with the advent of crowdfunding, I could actually probably get some of the more popular designs printed on my own, and so in the summer of 2012 I launched a kickstarter and wound up having a whole pile of t-shirts made.

This was originally done with the intention of having some more varied merch to offer in the store, but I wasn’t really fully prepared for the complications that shipping a large number of orders would introduce, especially when international shipping was involved. So I sort of sat on them for a while, until I was able to get the bulk of the orders taken care of, and only just now have I gone through and inventoried what I can actually sell.

The executive summary here is I’ve fixed and reopened the store, and there’s now t-shirts available, though there aren’t too too many remaining – between 1-4 per design per size. Ideally, as the Patreon train picks up steam and I get enough of these sold, though, I’ll be able to order a second run.

I also want to add more metal tag designs, but of course my first priority here is getting the comic itself buffered and up to full functionality! I feel very optimistic about everything right now, so of course the temptation to over-promise is very strong.