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Stellar Mass

The hungry luma is a familiar installation in the Mario Galaxy cosmology and by all appearances is the primary mechanism for the creation of stars and planets. It stands to reason, then, that given the unique physics of that universe, that there must also be provision for the more destructive and terrifying celestial bodies.

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Merch it like you mean it

A primer on how to make money off your artwork on today’s internet

Ads are pretty great, right? You get anywhere between a few cents to a few dollars a day in exchange for making your website look kind of cheap and trashy. We just can’t love them enough, so we stick them all over everything because there is nothing that your comic needs than some gaudy eyesore right next to (or above or below) it to draw attention away from it.

Yeah, I’m not a real big fan of using ads. You can make five dollars in a month on Project Wonderful ads, or you can make four times that by selling just one t-shirt or print. I’ll tell you which one I’d pick.

I’m aware of the ongoing argument about shirts and other merchandise – there’s the contention that if your primary source of income is merch, rather than the comic itself, that you aren’t truly making a living as a cartoonist. And, uh, I don’t really care. I have to confess that I’m a lot more personally invested in getting that paper than I am in scoring points on somebody else’s totally arbitrary purist credibility scale.

If you’re of the same mind about turning your artwork into cash money, let’s continue.

I am going to assume you’ve heard of Cafepress. Let’s not talk about cafepress. You may have also heard of Zazzle. I’m not going to talk about Zazzle, either. In my experience it seems like these two options tend to be about as far as the webcomics crowd is willing to investigate as far as merchandising options go, with maybe Topatoco as being the aspirational destination.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s a bigger world out there.


Stay in the Volvo, Bella

Historically, there’s always been a special relationship between vampires and the people who hunt them. And, as is the fashion, nowhere is this relationship explored more fully than here, on the internet.

And, man, I am absolutely failing to deliver on this twice-a-week pledge! I apologize, internet. It is just not happening. Have some dude-on-dude make-outs instead.

Comics Inconsolable

Blathers’ Scavenger Hunt

tortimer wants you off of his lawn
This is all a basically true accounting of the Animal Crossing ecosystem, but it’s my experience that he wouldn’t touch Mint. I hit her like, twelve times with an axe and I could not take her down. I think that Mint is basically the devil.