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Game over, man, game over

I didn’t really think that I was ever going to have a reason to revisit Mario Galaxy, but did you know they released a sequel? We were playing this game while visiting some friends a few weeks back and they went and put Yoshi in it, and — I am not an expert, but — it’s my understanding that when you are in space, and you find eggs, you want to be a little bit more delicate in your approach than you normally would when confronted with their terrestrial counterparts.

Also, I went ahead and made this available as a print right away, since I figure there’s probably going to be a few people wanting one. If anyone’s interested, I’ll probably have a shirt made up out of panel 3. Let me know! And then, you know, I’ll let you know.

Also also, I’m gonna open up for commissions, like, tomorrow. Watch this space!

Comics One-Offs

The Derp Cycle

I’m afraid that our friends Science Lady and Science Dude have been replaced by Science Owl. I don’t care to speculate exactly what became of them, only because previous encounters with owls in The Dawn Chapel have been less than savory.

So! I’m feeling better about the artwork this time around than I did, generally, with The Soldier and the Tsar, though I don’t want to dwell too much on my bad feelings in regards to that story since so many people enjoyed it and it’s a documented pathology of illustrators to be overly critical of their own work. Oh; and also because I’d like to sell you the originals.

I would like to get these pages out of my house and there’s nothing that washes out the taste of frustration with your own inadequacies better than the sweet elixir of commerce. This also represents a significant Dawn Chapel first in that it’s the first time I’m selling my comics originals. It does raise the question, though, of when some of the other favorites are going to go up for sale, and I will tell you now that Better Living through UX will probably go up very shortly. As for the others, I’m going to sit on them for a while. Sorry!

Anyway. I’m kind of past the point of apologizing for being late, I think that by now you and I can agree that I have a clinical inability to keep to a schedule, but hopefully it’s enough that I am able to deliver (nearly) every week.

Comics The Soldier and the Tsar

The Soldier and the Tsar, page 7

And there you have it! I probably could have stretched that first paragraph there into another page on its own, but I just really wanted to be done with this story. I’ve got a couple more shamelessly link-baiting one-offs planned before I launch into the next one, which will probably be a little bit shorter.

Several of you have pointed out to me that I got some link loving from the inestimable Immelmann of the Concession comic and it has just sent me a profane amount of vistors over the course of yesterday and today. I hope that you kids like what you see.

If the feedback I get from the feedback form is any indication, I have just got the classiest and wittiest and most attractive-looking readers in the world, and I am pretty stoked about that. And yes, I can tell how attractive you are by how you type. It is a fact.