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A Well-Kept Kitchen

Hi! I apologize for the brief delay. There were a few reasons for that unplanned hiatus, and I should probably address those, and how I hope to be able to prevent any more of them.

I don’t mean to get too saccharine on you, but I feel like this comic is the most important creative work I’ve ever done. It kills me to have had to set it aside in order to concentrate my attention on paying work. And I have every intention of continuing the story at a more respectable clip going forward, though I’m sure you know how reliable the promises of a longform webcomic artist’s are, especially mine.

One of the problems with doing a comic that is completely watercolored, especially using the techniques that I do, is that it’s very time-consuming. (I would say that I regret not choosing a simpler, more efficient method of comics storytelling, but honestly I really enjoy working in watercolor, and like having originals I can hold in my hands too much to do it digitally.) And right now, commissioned illustration is my only source of income, which means I need to spend a lot of time working on them. I’d like to be able to spend more time working on my comic, but it would be a lot easier to do that if it was earning me some kind of income.

So to that end I’ve set up a Patreon campaign.