Hi guys! June has been kind of nutty for me and if you’re still hanging around waiting for the next update, I appreciate you. Also if you found your way here after the Firefox comic got reposted to Reddit for like the dozenth time this last weekend, I am currently in the process of appreciating you. If you found us at Califur or Fanime, I also appreciate you, and if you are going to be at Westercon this coming weekend, you can believe that I absolutely look forward to appreciating you at the appointed and perfectly appropriate time.

Here is some content for you that is not necessarily comic, but definitely comic-related:

My homeslice Morris Stegosaurus did a performance of his poetry not long ago, which included a projected visual component and he posted a video of said performance to the youtubes. It includes The Puppy who would be Pope at about 12:47, and there is also a piece that includes Tod Wills‘ artwork that I have yet to view because I am either: 1.) busy or 2.) inconsiderate, take your pick.

Also, last weekend I was a guest along with Bugbyte and Jillyfoo on The Webcomics Beacon Bacon podcast, wherein we discussed watercolor and its application in comics. If you are interested in hearing me say ‘uhm’ probably like a million times, or you would like some sort of conclusive evidence as to my gender, or you are actually possibly genuinely interested in hearing us discuss process, it is 90 minutes of nerdery for you to listen to.

Unrelated to anything, I spent half of last week in Portland to be in my highschool bff’s bridal party, so there is a possibility that there will be pictures of me somewhere on the Internet in a tie. It was a Star Trek themed wedding, and it was quite probably the classiest Trek-themed wedding I’ve ever been party to. Or partied at.

New comic is cooking. Postcards are pending. Things are moving a little bit slower than I’d like because monies didn’t rain down at the last two cons like I was hoping they would and had to recover lost ground in a commission marathon. Sit tight!