So one of my favorite things right now is Tod Wills’ comic Ekwara, a cartoon fantasy full of gorgeous, cheerful artwork that reminds me a whole bunch of 1980′s fantasy films like Willow or The Dark Crystal. Ekwara started out as a weekly full-color comic, all done up with watercolors, but recently Tod’s stepped up his game and has gone weekdaily, giving up color in favor of moving the story along much faster. The man is some kind of machine, as in addition to Ekwara he does two other comics, Crimson Flag and Dracula, and manages to keep his Zazzle store stocked with new and excellent artwork every week on top of that. These are initiatives that I as a voter can get behind.

(there are not actually any cricket bats in Ekwara, the title of this post was unnecessarily misleading in that respect, and for that I apologize)